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Dosha Salon Spa: Respect Salon Workers

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I am joining my co-workers at Dosha Salon Spa in Oregon in asking the salon’s owners to work with us to make sure that an experience at one of our salon’s is an exceptional one for customers, employees and management. Will you stand with us?

I started working at Dosha in November 2009 at the Hawthorne location. Dosha operates five different facilities in and around Portland, Oregon. I was honored to be one of the first in my class at the Aveda Institute of Portland to secure employment upon graduation and I was excited to launch my career as an esthetician at Dosha given its strong reputation for excellent services in our area. My job is to provide services for clients including facials, waxing and makeup application. I love what I do and love working with my clients.

After beginning work at Dosha, I noticed some things about the salon that could improve the experiences of our employees and customers. The salons were lacking in the appropriate biohazard protocols and materials to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. We often had to wash our hands with shampoo as antibacterial soap wasn’t available. More senior employees were often not treated with the respect they deserved. Vacation time has extremely difficult to achieve and health insurance was expensive.

That’s why I joined my co-workers in voting to join a union so that we could work with the managers to make the salon as strong as we knew it could be. Unfortunately, the management has not worked together with us to hear our ideas about how to make the salon even more successful. They have not negotiated with us fairly and treated us with respect. In fact, the working environment has grown increasingly hostile.

My co-workers and I are constantly under watch - most recently even by illegal surveillance videos. We have been forced to attend presentations that were thinly-vieled anti-union lectures. The vocal supporters of the union are under particular strain from management and some have even been fired. Instead of directly addressing our issues at our workplace, Dosha owner Ray Motameni has hired lawyers from Florida and Georgia to represent him in Portland, Oregon. I have had clients who call and are told that I no longer work there or that their appointments are not with me. This kind of treatment upsets my clients who have been very loyal to the salon. In March, Dosha's managers crossed the line completely and even sent police to arrest three of our supporters from the community a month after they participated in a peaceful protest to stand with us.

I love my job. I want Dosha to be extremely successful and in return, I want to be able to make a fair living, pay off my student loans and support my stepson and to continue to grow as a professional and better serve my clients.

Dosha says on its website, “We strive to make each guest’s experience in our salon spa the most pleasantly memorable while performing our business with the utmost of ethics... We aim to remain unwavering in our commitment to each other, always aware of the impact of our action on others.” As Dosha employees, we feel the same way, but the managements attacks and intimidation have gone too far. We want Dosha's owners to join us in a constructive dialogue mediated by a neutral outside party. It's the right thing to do. Will you join me in asking Dosha to participate in a mediation process so that we can start making Dosha a better place for everyone?


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