Ban Disposable BBQs in Dorset

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On Monday 18th May a devastating fire broke out at Wareham Forest in Dorset. Over 180 hectares of heathland (an area the size of 115 football pitches) was completely destroyed. Over 150 firefighters bravely tackled the blaze. Unable to escape, countless animals died. It will take decades for this habitat to recover.

We have to take action to stop these fires happening year after year; that is why I am petitioning for a ban on disposable BBQs in Dorset.

Dorset's lowland heathlands are vitally important; on a global scale this habitat is rarer than tropical rainforest. Our beautiful heathland nature reserves are home to all six native reptiles and they are particularly important for sand lizards and smooth snakes, both of which are rare protected species. A huge variety of wildlife lives on these reserves, including deer, foxes, badgers, bats, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects, not forgetting incredible plant life too.

Every year Dorset's heathlands suffer devastating fires, often caused by disposable BBQs. Having worked as a warden on local council owned heathland reserves I know firsthand the impact that they have; I regularly found disposable BBQs abandoned, littering reserves. I also routinely found people using them on heathland reserves such as Ham Common and Alder Hills, both of which had devastating fires over the past two years. I have found the bodies of animals killed in local heathfires and helped rescue the survivors left in the smouldering remains. It is heartbreaking.

Alongside arson, disposable BBQs are a leading cause of heath fires in Dorset: together, we can do something about it.

YOU can help by signing this petition urging Dorset Council and BCP Council to ban disposable BBQs in Dorset.

Whilst the cause of the Wareham Forest fire remains under investigation, banning disposable BBQs in Dorset would be a huge step forward in reducing the number of fires that ravage our heathland natures reserves and kill our wonderful wildlife every year.

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