Please update the household income policy for New Brunswick

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Petition to appeal the Household Income Policy for citizens in New Brunswick living with a disability who are married and no longer able to receive Social Assistance as their spouse or partner is currently employed.

Due to the current household income policy for Social Assistance in New Brunswick, Canada, people living with a disability who rely on social assistance or a possible rent subsidy cannot financially afford to get married if relying on these benefits, as they will lose this aspect of their financial support. 

The household income policy by Social Development states that any household in New Brunswick that consists of two or more people, their incomes must be combined, and considered as one. Therefore, once people with a disability who cannot work, and are relying on social assistance become married, their partner’s income will count for both people and stop the person(s) with a disability from receiving government support.

This policy puts a lot of pressure on a partner. Life with a disability is a lot more complex than one may think. Simple tasks such as using the bathroom or taking the bus could become daunting and complex. Those living with a disability and cannot work, should not have to be forced to pick between love and financial stability. The current system makes it difficult for someone to try to become financially independent, and maintain a well-balanced quality of life.

No one chooses the cards they are dealt. We just need to live and learn together and stand by one another.  Please take a stand and support this issue at hand by signing the petition.