Save Humanity & Save The Bees

Save Humanity & Save The Bees

August 26, 2016
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Mayor- Town of Summerville Mayor Wiley Johnson and 3 others
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Why this petition matters

On Friday, August 26, 2016 our local paper (Summerville Journal Scene) and the Town of Summerville posted a brief notice to the general populace (via Facebook) that there would be aerial spraying of insecticides (of unknown source, type, amount or origin) on Sunday, August 28, 2016 between 6:30 AM and 8:30 AM. This notice was published at approximately 1:00 PM EST, only 3 hours before town and county offices closed for the weekend. Additionally, there is no mention whatsoever of the aerial spraying for mosquito abatement schedule on the Dorchester County website. Only the spraying by trucks.

Immediately upon learning of this information, concerned citizens of the area called Dorchester County Mosquito Abatement at (843) 832-0700 and (843) 563-0070 (as the notice stated to do if we had questions or concerns).  Only two or three concerned parties reached anyone at all and those that did were directed to a Scott Gaskins who was supposed to return to his office at 2:30 PM. To our knowledge not one phone call was returned and no answers were given. Mr. Gaskins did not begin answering calls and the remainder of those that called ionly got a voicemail recording and no returned phone call. 

This is both disturbing and frightening to many that live in the area that is to be covered. There are live and privately owned beehives that are in this area and to the best of our knowledge, the chemicals to be used are toxic to honeybees (even if the spraying occurs while the hives are in a rest state at night). Additionally there is concern to the general population regarding the harmful side effects on pregnant women, children, those with health issues, as well as the environment.

A few hours is not a significant amount of time for an entire town to be notified as to the intentions of the county to begin aerial spraying of potentially toxic chemicals (on a weekend when no county offices would be open) nor was enough information given for the general population to be educated on such an event and it's possible side effects.

This petition is a request for the contracted abatement to cease immediately until such a time that the general populace (in the target area and surrounding areas); to be notified as to the ingredients of such chemicals, be provided copies of their material safety data sheets (MSDS), dosing amounts and possible side effects. We request that this be halted until such a time the general populace can ask questions in an open forum that has been scheduled and advertised well in advance so that they are able to voice concerns and opinions to their local and elected officials before abatement continues.

We request that this abatement (and future ground and/or aerial spraying) cease and desist until such time as these things can be addressed by the proper personnel.

Thank You,

Concerned Citizens of Dorchester County

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This petition had 8,485 supporters

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Decision Makers

  • Mayor Wiley JohnsonMayor- Town of Summerville
  • Contractors and/or Pilots responsible for Mosquito Abatement in Dorchester County
  • Jakie WaltersDirector of Facilites and Grounds Maintenance-Dorchester County
  • Scott GaskinsSupervisor of Facilities and Grounds Maintenance-Dorchester County