Doordash Strike For Coronavirus Hazard Pay

Doordash Strike For Coronavirus Hazard Pay

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Courtney B started this petition to DoorDash

I think that the title says it all. I am a Dasher in the Snohomish county area where the first U.S. coronavirus case was detected.

As many of us know, it's a bit nerve racking to say the least to be out and about doing everything we can to keep from being infected while visiting numerous restaurants and attempting to keep our distance to all we come in contact with.

If it wasn't for us delivery drivers, many of these restaurants we pick up for would be currently out of business, so we are a necessity for sure and Doordash relies on us to put ourselves in harm's way so that they can continue to make that almighty dollar.

The fact that we are all still working through this pandemic with absolutely zero hazard pay is ridiculous and an insult to be frank.

There is no doubt that many reading this petition will eventually succumb to the coronavirus. It's going to be a statistical fact. I see a lot of older individuals dashing now and some of them will not see the end of this crisis, yet we keep on keeping on.

I typically wouldn't take the time to post something like this, but this virus is the real deal. Even if you are younger and not worried about the virus, you should be worried about becoming asymptomatic and then spreading the virus to those around you that may not fair as well as yourself such as your parents or grandparents or even your friends parents or grandparents.

Since we are literally in the front line of fire when it comes to the coronavirus, I think that each and every Dasher that puts themselves and their families lives in harm's way should be compensated.

On top of our regular deliveries we should all receive an additional $5 for each and every delivery we make until our government has given us the "All Clear".

There is ABSOLUTELY no good reason that Doordash hasn't already launched a coronavirus hazard pay for all it's Dashers. The companies within the delivery industry should have all already done this on their own.....we shouldn't even have to ask, but be as it may, we need to make a show of force, otherwise, it's just business as usual for the Doordash corporate elites, all the while dashers are getting sick and or dying.

In order for a strike to work, we all have to rally together so I think it would be best to let this post marinate for a couple of weeks until we know that we have the numbers to pull off the strike.

Let's make the strike date for April 15th. That's will give us two weeks to share this post with each and every Dasher that we come across or already know.

I don't think that asking for an additional $5 for each delivery is too much to ask. Quite literally, our lives and our family members lives are all at risk with each and every delivery that we make.

Once we hit 1000 signatures for this petition I will reach out to a number of news outlets so that our cause gets a little publicity.

Please sign the petition so that we can show Doordash that we are all standing together on this one.

Stay safe and wash, wash, wash.

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