DoorDash, make it easier for customers to tip dashers AFTER delivery

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I am a dasher (a DoorDash delivery driver) who works hard to provide timely deliveries, clear communication, and friendly service to customers. It is a rewarding, but (at times) very difficult and stressful job. On behalf of all hardworking dashers I am asking that DoorDash make a simple addition to it’s app that allows Customers to easily make additional tips to their Dashers after delivery... WITHOUT needing to go through support: a function that would allow customers to click on their past orders and add additional tip in the “rate your order” section or in the same menu.

Why make this change?

1. Going through support to add a tip is not at all intuitive for customers and there are likely plenty of customers who WOULD tip more (for good service) had they had this function.

2. It will further incentivize and reward dashers for quality service throughout the delivery process.

3. Additional tips means dashers are more satisfied working for DoorDash which will encourage them to recommend DoorDash to others (as drivers, customers, or businesses). Also with more income, Dashers can take better care of their family and their personal needs.

4. Many Customers cannot see the effort dashers put into communication and/or attention to detail until after the order is delivered.

5. Being tipped after delivery EXTREMELY rarely is not just an issue for me, but for many dashers as expressed on this Reddit thread: