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Petitioning The Walt Disney Company Robert Iger and 6 others

Don't Support Donald Trump and Boycott the Sponsors of NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice!

Donald Trump in recent weeks has been fanning the flames of racism, xenophobia, and division at a time when this county needs more cooperation and collaboration between its people.  This country will not offer creative solutions with the "birther rhethoric" that Trump has been supporting in recent weeks against President Obama.

In a recent interview on NBC Today Show, Donald Trump, the creator of "Celebrity Apprentice" said,  “A certificate of live birth is not even signed by anybody. I saw his. I read it very carefully. It doesn’t have a serial number. It doesn’t have a signature.”  He also claimed that the Kenyan step-grandmother of the President Obama observed his birth in Kenya.   These statements have been proven bogus by the Hawaii state officials who have consistently stated that President Obama was born in Hawaii. 

Donald is simplly aligning himself with the most outrageous and vociferous elements of Republican Party and Tea Party, so he can promote his own brand and increase the ratings on his TV show "Celebrity Apprentice".  In the recent weeks, the ratings for program have skyrocketed with constant support of the "Birther Rhetoric" and the Tea Party Agenda.  The sponsors of  "The Celebrity Apprentice" are directly supporting the divisive rhetoric of Donald Trump and contributing  toward the negative and hostile political climate in this country. The corporate sponsors of  "Celebrity Apprentice" are  Enterprise Rental Car Company, Clorox Bleach Company,  Sprint-Nextel Cellphones, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and The  Walt Disney Company, and Groupon.

Support for this petition lets the sponsors know that viewing public will not buy or support companies who are actively supporting the Donald Trump's "birther rhetoric" and "politics of fear" in this country. 

The signers of this petition recommend that corporate sponsors of "Celebrity Apprentice should withdraw their commercial support from the Trump's program or demand that he apologize to American people for his foolish support of the "birther agenda" on the public airwaves.

It should be noted by petition signers that Groupon has publicly retracted its online advertising on "Celebrity Apprentice" as of 4-28-11. Please see the following link:
Letter to
The Walt Disney Company Robert Iger
CEO, Enterprise Rental Car Company Andrew C. Taylor
The Clorox Company Donald R. Knauss
and 4 others
Director, Business Communications,Bristol-Myers Squibb Laura Hortas
CEO, Groupon Inc. Andrew Mason
Executive VP, Publicity,NBC Entertainment Rebecca Market
CEO, Sprint-Nextel Wireless Dan Hesse
I have been extremely disappointed to hear the "Birther Rhetoric" from Donald Trump in recent weeks concerning the qualifications of President Obama. I am more disappointed that popular companies such as Enterprise Car Rentals, The Walt Disney Company, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sprint-Nextel, The Clorox Company, Groupon, and NBC Entertainment are supporting and monetarily benefiting Donald Trump's program "The Celebrity Apprentice". Since Mr. Trump is obviously supporting fringe elements of the American electorate and advocating for racism, xenophobia, and divisiveness in this country, the supporters of this petition feel strongly that the aforementioned companies should not advertise on Mr. Trump's TV program.

Donald Trump has made numerous unsupported statements about the legitimacy of President Obama's birth certification in numerous media venues such as New York Times, Politico, MSNBC, NBC's Today Show, and Fox News. He even has been spreading the rumor that the Kenyan step-grandmother of the President claims that Barrack Obama was born in the Kenya. These Trump allegations and the allegations of other "Birthers" have been totally been discredited by the state officials from Hawaii. President Obama's only problem would be having white American mother and foreign-born Kenyan father in the eyes of Trump and the "Birthers". Donald Trump continues to promote this foolishness to promote his own brand and increase his egotistical popularity, and ultimately raise the ratings of his program and his business empire. It is extremely distasteful that corporate sponsors would knowingly participate in such negative behavior and actively promote the politics of fear and division at this crucial time in American and International History.