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Petitioning Member, Idaho Transportation Board Jan Vassar and 16 others
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Member, Idaho Transportation Board
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Jim Coleman
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Kevin Howlett
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Jerry Whitehead
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Rick Griffith
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Neil Miller
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Diann Seymour-Winterburn
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Lee Gagner
Director, Idaho Transportation Department
Brian Ness
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Scott Stokes
Chair, Idaho Transportation Board
Darrell Manning
Vice Chair, Idaho Transportation Board
Gary Blick

Don't Ruin the Rockies: Stop Big Oil's Dangerous Megaloads


Oil giants ConocoPhillips and Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil have begun to drive dangerous “megaloads” across the narrow mountain roads of the northern Rockies. The goal? Deliver 207 loads of machinery, each as wide as the road and three-stories tall, to the Alberta Tar Sands for production of one of the world's dirtiest fossil fuels. But as they move, the megaloads have been blocking all traffic (including emergency vehicles), cutting power to local towns, damaging local scenery, and more. This petition asks regional leaders to halt the project and prevent the creation of a permanent industrial corridor through our most beautiful National Forests.

This is all happening on Highway 12 in Idaho and Montana, a National Scenic Byway through gorgeous territory once explored by Lewis and Clark - and yet Exxon is demanding that the Forest Service trim back every tree along the route with no regard for local tourism or the environment.

Residents along the route have joined National Forest supervisors, local Indian tribes, and national environmental groups in opposition to Big Oil’s northwestern greed. Most fear that the new activity will be permanent, creating lasting environmental damage. As one resident explained: "The black ice on Highway 200 is legendary… If these things tip over and spill into the river, there’s no crane, no machinery, around here that could take it out. You’d have to go all the way to Portland or Seattle to find one. Will it dam the river? What will it do to the banks?"

Stand up for the northwest, and against fossil fuels. Ask state and local officials to stop Big Oil and block the creation of a permanent industrial corridor in the northern Rockies.

Photo credit: A megaload similar to the ones Exxon and ConocoPhillips want to truck through the Northwest - note the log truck on the right for size comparison. Courtesy

Letter to
Member, Idaho Transportation Board Jan Vassar
Governor of Idaho Butch Otter
Commissioner, Montana Transportation Commission Barb Skelton
and 14 others
Commissioner, Montana Transportation Commission Carol Lambert
Governor of Montana Brian Schweitzer
Member, Idaho Transportation Board Jim Coleman
Director, Montana Department of Transportation Jim Lynch
Chair, Montana Transportation Commission Kevin Howlett
Member, Idaho Transportation Board Jerry Whitehead
Commissioner, Montana Transportation Commission Rick Griffith
Member, Idaho Transportation Board Neil Miller
Commissioner, Montana Transportation Commission Diann Seymour-Winterburn
Member, Idaho Transportation Board Lee Gagner
Director, Idaho Transportation Department Brian Ness
Deputy Director, Idaho Transportation Department Scott Stokes
Chair, Idaho Transportation Board Darrell Manning
Vice Chair, Idaho Transportation Board Gary Blick
Dear Transportation Department,

I write in opposition to the establishment of an industrial corridor for massively oversized equipment along the rivers and rural roads of Idaho and Montana, as proposed by ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil, ConocoPhillips, Harvest Energy, and other corporations.

This is an issue of national, not just regional, concern – one that affects National Forests, Wild and Scenic Rivers, one of the nation's 30 All-American Roads, Nez Perce National Historic Park sites, and a National Scenic Byway. I stand opposed because I am a federal taxpayer who wants scenic, pristine places and the character and economies of rural communities protected, and American – not Korean or Canadian – jobs.

The proposed corridor would jeopardize tourism and outdoor recreation, the region's fastest growing economic sectors; threaten the safety of residents and visitors along the route; cause millions of dollars in damages to public infrastructure; pose serious risks to world-class fisheries and wildlife corridors; compromise sites of national historic importance and sacred to tribes; and contribute to the health risks and ecological destruction associated with dirty tar sands oil.

Please revoke and/or deny megaload permits that would turn our rivers and rural roads into a permanent industrial corridor and call for all available economic and environmental project reviews.

Thank you.