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Don't Let Forever21 Steal from Independent, Eco-Friendly Designers

It's bad enough that Forever21 makes cheap, fast-fashion for disposable consumption, which is  harmful to the environment and to foreign factory workers.

Now the large retail chain has taken it to the next level by stealing an exact print design from Feral Childe, an small eco-label that is 100% made in the USA. This brand stands for doing things right in fashion and changing the way consumers think about their own social responsibility.

Every print Feral Childe designs is an original piece of art—the hand-drawn "Teepees" design that Forever21 so blatantly copied (see photos above) took the designers months of hard work and collaboration to create. Their work is well-documented, yet Forever21 has forced the designers to file a lawsuit, stating that "perhaps" Feral Childe copied the designs from another source.

By stealing one of Feral Childe's designs, Forever21 is not only saying they have no respect for original work from independent designers, they're undermining the entire eco-fashion movement and its attempt to reduce our collective environmental footprint.

This is not the first time that Forever 21 has been accused of stealing others' designs.

But if we raise enough of an outcry, we'll make sure this time Forever21 is held accountable. We demand that Forever21 cooperate with the Feral Childe designers to determine fair compensation for their work, the future of the "Teepees" print, and how to distribute the profit has already made from copying the "Teepees" print.

This petition signifies that designers and consumers alike are demanding a more ethical and responsible Fashion Industry. Every time a signature is added to the petition, the owners of Forever 21 receive an email stating that they have lost another customer as a result of their unethical practices, sending a clear and unfaltering message to them and other Industry leaders that unethical practices will ultimately be detrimental to the future success of their businesses.

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Letter to
Kirstin Nagle, Public Relations Forever21
Chris Lee, Senior Vice President Forever 21
Lawrence Meyer, Senior Vice President Forever 21
It is very clear that Forever21 copied the hand-drawn original print "Teepees" design from Feral Childe, the label of a pair of independent designers who pride themselves on the social and environmental responsibility of their products. Forever21, furthermore, has refused to acknowledge this wrongdoing and has forced Feral Childe to file a lawsuit.

As a supporter of independent design and eco-friendly fashion, I demand that Forever21 work with the Feral Childe designers to determine fair compensation for their work, the future of the "Teepees" print, and how to distribute the profit Forever21 has already made from the "Teepees" print.

I will refuse to shop in your stores until I hear news that this is being resolved in a fair and just manner.


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