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Don't Deport Jai Shankar for Calling to Report a Crime

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Facing Deportation for Reporting a Crime?

Immigration and Customs' Enforcement (ICE) wants to deport long-time DC resident, Jai Shankar, any day now. 

Imagine calling the police to report a crime and finding yourself instead handcuffed and detained. This is what happened to long-time DC resident Jai Shankar after he called the DC police to report his stolen camera.  

Instead of finding the help he needed, Jai was racially profiled, arrested, and detained for six months by Immigration and Customs Enforcement! His arrest was also a terrible violation by DC metropolitan police of the Mayor’s Executive Order of non-inquiry into immigration status.

No charges were ever brought against Jai. He is out of detention but his nightmare continues. ICE has kept Jai in an electronic shackle on his ankle to monitor his movements and threatens to deport Jai any day now.

Jai has lived in the United States for over 20 years and is loved by the community and respected for his volunteer work. He has helped the homeless and the elderly and has even volunteered on the electoral campaigns of the Mayor and Councilmembers. Now he needs the community's help to stop his deportation.

Jai urgently needs you to sign this petition AND call the office of Enforcement and Removal and ask that they grant him a stay of removal.

If Jai is deported this will send a wrong message to the immigrant community - that in DC you should not call the police to report any crime because you too can end up in detention and deported even if you are the victim.  


Call here: (202.732.3000) and tell them,

"I am calling in support of Mr. Shankar A# 70-898-093. I am calling to urge Immigration and Customs Enforcement to grant Mr. Shankar a stay of removal. Mr. Shankar has lived in the United States for more than 20 years and is well respected and known in our community. His deportation would be a terrible loss to our city and send the message that immigrants can’t report crimes."

Please make a donation to Jai's Legal Defense Fund so he can get the representation he needs to stop his deportation and keep him with the community that loves him.



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