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Stop police Officers from shooting innocent and non-threatening dogs.

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Recently, in Houston, Texas, 2 young akita dogs were shot in their own backyard by a police officer responding to a burglary  call.  The dogs did not pose any threat to the officer, yet he fired shots anyway.  The one puppy, 5 months of age, was shot in the BACK of his leg while running AWAY from the officer after the officer shot the 14 month old dog.  The 5 month old pup has since lost his front leg and the 14 month old has a bullet lodged in his chest that is too risky to remove.  Nothing has been done to the officer for this unnecessary use of force.   I feel that it is important for law enforcement officers to be held accountable for unnecessary use of force against innocent house pets!   In addition, the owner could not afford the medical treatment of his dogs, so he took them to BARC shelter, where he was told they would both receive proper medical care.  Unfortunately, BARC also failed these dogs as they bandaged up the bullet holes and let both dogs sit in cages untreated for more than 3 days until a rescue group was finally allowed to pull the dogs to get them the proper care.  That is NEGLIGENT!!  Why did BARC leave 2 dogs that were shot sit untreated for 3 days in cages???  This also needs to be investigated, as they are responsible for treating animals in their care.  Leaving wounded animals sit for 3 days is blatant neglect and abuse!!                                                         This morning, in a different state, there was a broadcast of a similar incident that occurred in Minneapolis of a cop shooting 2 dogs that were in their own yard not posing any threat to the office.  This was caught on home surveillance  video and shows the dog wagging his tail.  We need change!!  Animals are family members and should not be gunned down for doing nothing in their own backyard or home!!  Police Officers should not have freedom to just shoot anytime they feel like it when there is no threat to them!!  Please help make the change by sharing and letting officials know it is not acceptable!

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