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"Agri-unfriendly Scotiabank foreclosing on small farm"

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Scotiabank says they "Understand the ups and downs of agriculture."

But Scotiabank is refusing to take money that is already sitting in an account for the mortgage payments!

Instead they have begun farm foreclosure, ignoring over $2,000 sitting there for them to apply to the roughly $3,000 arrears.

Scotiabank advertises that they have "Highest degree of flexibility" for farmers. Why are they foreclosing for such a relatively small amount owing?

Every day since September 11th the Scotiabank lawyers add more of their own fees, so if it continues it will be impossible for to pay. We have tried reasoning with them and explaining the situation with the CFIA killing sheep and quarantine and depression resulting in years of little to no farm income.

Now, it IS POSSIBLE to pay what is owed in actual mortgage payments, thanks to the kindness of donations. But only if Scotiabank chooses to stop foreclosure and take the money that is already sitting there for them.

Would you please make a phone call on behalf of Wholearth Farmstudio? Or send an email? Or share on social media? We don't know what else to do but show them that there are many friends and supporters who love Wholearth and want to see this farm THRIVE again. WE ARE NOT GIVING UP!

You can show support for the farm by calling Donna Simonsen, Scotiabank Office of the President at (416) 933-1700 or (877) 700-0043 or email and ask her PLEASE stop foreclosure on Wholearth Farmstudio.

She alone has the power to stop it, and take the money that is already there in the account for that very purpose.

Come on Scotiabank! Do what you say in your PR campaigns! Be a hero to this small farm. Just take the money!

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