Fix Maine CPS Fraud and get my Child/Children home

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On August 17, 2017 we gave birth to a baby boy. The hospital claimed he was suffering from NAS symptoms of unknown origin and made a report to DHHS. ALL of my drug testing as well as my sons was always clean and the only thing they said he could have been suffering from was my Ambien, Tizanidine, or Propranolol, all prescribed by maternal fetal medicine in portland. They came in and set a meeting before I would be allowed to remove our son from the hospital. I was told if we did not make and agree to a safety plan they would remove our child because we had a TPR within the past year. We actually had voluntarily relinquished our rights 13 months prior because we had poor counsel, fought the wrong fight and just wanted our 2 children to at minimum have each other and the resource parents were willing to adopt both children together. Without a single documented case of domestic violence they had accused my husband of domestic violence and at the time I had just been in the CCU of the hospital. I ended up overly medicated for mental health issues that have now been ruled out by my code evaluation. But their safety plan was that I move in with my aunt for NON eyes on supervision with my son. I just could not leave alone. My husband could be there all day but could not spend the night. I guess he turned into a werewolf or something. When we asked if he could stay in a camper on the property we were told no, because if he did he would become a resident and would be harder to kick out. We asked if we could go camping in New Hampshire as a family. We were told we could, however my husband could only stay till bedtime, then he must go home and come back in the morning. Eventually our safety plan turned south. There was drinking, which we did not want near our son. There was marijuana smoking both outside and in a back room by someone who had somehow conned their way into moving in. It also turns out that the male was not to be around children and the female had an open DHHS case. Then things got real bad. A cousin came to visit talking about smashing heads, ignorant fucks and beating men bigger than my husband. Her and the female who had conned her way into moving in began to yell at me. My husband asked them not to yell because our son was there, but they were following me yelling even louder. We had been calling my lawyer for 3 days with no call back. And my lawyer had prior told me he did not think that the state would be granted an order of removal if I left and was supervised by my friend. He had told me that what I was doing was all voluntary. So at this point I felt I had no choice but to remove my son from the situation. So, I removed my son from drugs, alcohol, violence and a man who wasn't allowed around children. I called my lawyer as soon as I left, but he was in court so I had to leave a message. The state called me and asked where I was. I stated I would not answer till I sought legal counsel, which is my legal right. They now use this against me. I refused to tell them where I was. So in there eyes, I ran. Even though I brought my son back. They don't find my reasoning for leaving credible. So we had a meeting and try to convince the state that with a set of ground rules our plan won't fail. We just needed the state to set the rules with my aunt that no one was to be at her house. We knew the rules of the safety plan but it was still somehow unclear and they hadn't been checking up on us at the home. But they chose instead to remove our son from our custody. September 29,2017. Eventually we sign a jeopardy order. "Older children reported alleged domestic violence. Parents must be engaged in counseling to address this. Both parents have a history of mental health issues which must be treated and managed. Parents agree to take all prescribed medications as prescribed" We have been in counseling since before our son was removed, not on any medications and willing to do anything it takes. The prior jeopardy they speak of is a default judgement because at my request on poor advice, I told my husband if he was involved I would not get our children home. The state was telling me I was getting our children home and that I was doing great. All the while telling my in laws I was not going to get them back and I was on drugs. Truth be told I was over medicated on mental health medicine, which is a big difference. I am now not on any medication because I see it as just a bandaid. Instead I spent 3 years working on myself and how to deal with my own issues. A big portion of which was my toxic family, the ones who were responsible for the report when I was in the CCU that got my other children removed. The state is not happy I have distance myself from my controlling and alcoholic toxic family because they saw them as a big support. But I threw up for a year till I cut them out of my life. About 6 weeks ago we asked the state what more we needed to do. They said they did not know because the code was not back yet. This was in our family team meeting in front of our lawyers. More recently, last friday in a family team meeting we asked the state what more we needed to do. They stated they did not know because the code did not give any suggestions. They stated maybe we could get the evaluator to rewrite it with some suggestions or maybe we could get my husband to have a complete neuropsych. On Monday the Guardian Ad Litem came out to visit our home, Finally after 6 months. We asked her, what more do we need to do to satisfy you. Again, "I don't know, the code did not answer any questions. Maybe we can get you recoded". We have been getting all positive visit reports. Our home has passed with no issues. My husband has gotten compliments on how he seems less defensive and less aggressive towards them and how it is easier to be in a room with him. We admit that his attitude can be a bit offputting and causes him to be misunderstood. But in his defense, he sees them as the enemy because they stole our child/children and we see all these people who have their children but take them for granted and do so much wrong. He did an at home domestic violence certification. We dispute the findings but our child is important enough to jump through their hoops. So we go to court Friday April 5 and we file an injunction and tell them they must show their jeopardy. They try to say that there are services we need to do that are not being done. Yet, just a couple days ago when we asked what more we could do they told us they did not know. We were told in a family team meeting we could have our son instead of daycare if we could find a supervisor. But we cut out all of our negative friends. Which has somehow gotten my super social husband labeled as antisocial. Yet, he knows more of the neighbors than me and always has. The state does not know how to install a car seat. Not the resource parents, not the visit supervisors. We have given more than one persons information to be approved to supervise and they haven't called them back. One being my father, the maternal grandfather which the state literally said "I guess I dropped the ball on that one" when I asked if she got him approved considering he gave his info in early september. Our son is now 7.5 months old. He still lights up when he sees us. He still drinks my breast milk and nurses off my breast. And we only see him for 4 hours per week. He is still content to sit with me even with the resource parents in the room. He still finds comfort in my arms. He still sits with his daddy and sleeps in his arms. He still smiles at both of us. At 4.5 months old he cried when I had to give him back to the resource parents. Your not going to tell me that this trauma is better for him. We are willing to do anything to get our son home. We just want him home. We will even continue to do the work with him home. But he is an infant and we are missing out. 6 weeks ago we were granted monitored visits to work though the steps of getting him home. Which is monitored, unsupervised, overnights, weekends and then a trial placement. The monitored still has not began. The in home has not began and the home visit only happened Tuesday. It is now Saturday. My husband is a great man. He pulls people from cars in accidents, runs into burning buildings in the past, pushed a crossing guard out of the way of a car and was injured. He rubs my feet and my back nightly. He helps me with the dishes. Gives me full control of the money. Does not have a password on his phone and I have his facebook password. He surprises me with soda or juice randomly. We don't believe in yelling and talk out our issues. If we had $5 to our name he would buy me a juice before he would do for himself. He is a smoker and he would go a week without cigarettes but buy me a slice of pizza. When we could only afford 1 cell phone it is me who got the phone. Right now I have a galaxy S6 and he has a galaxy s4. Both our phones have been having issues but he wants to buy me a new phone and take my old one. Whenever we get a new vehicle, I get it. If I am thirsty and there is only one beverage left, it's mine. He does all the shoveling and takes out the trash. He's not perfect, but it's pretty close. We have been together for 15 years. We just didn't fight the last case right because I had been so sick. I was so overmedicated. Our other children love us so much, have such a strong bond with us that the adoptive parents won't let them speak to us or anyone speak about us because it is too hard for them. 3 years later and they still want to come home. I ended up in the CCU and almost died right after my great grandfather had just passed away. My daughter had also just been diagnosed with turner syndrome and I was trying to get her help for the voices in her head that she had been dealing with, that I know of, since 4 years old. There was a lot going on and the state just walked into the school and stole my kids. They claimed my husband was domestically violent (no police reports) and I refused to leave him. You know what, they never asked. Right or wrong. He would have left. As a matter of fact, he left an hour after they stole my kids so I could get them home. They also claimed I APPEARED under the influence on many occasions. The truth was I was suffering from a pulmonary embolism and adrenal crisis. They claimed I was wondering the halls after school. Truth be told, I was being a good mom. I was talking to the teachers about my son who was telling the teacher no, not eating and running around the class. I was talking to my daughters teacher because she was just diagnosed with turner syndrome and lost her Papa and was having a lot of troubles. I was also looking into daycare so the kids didn't miss so much school. But that's wandering. I was being a pain, trying to get the school to give my children more services on their IEP. So now here I am, fighting again. Only this time the right way. And I am still losing. I am doing everything and more. And I would be willing to do even more. Everyone that knows my husband knows he is not domestically violent. He's the one they call when their spouse is. Because my husband has the view that your wife is your queen. Your flower. You have to water her so she can bloom.We need help. The state isn't doing their job. Every single thing in this case is positive, yet in court they play like it isn't. But out of court it's all compliments. Give us our son. We will keep doing what you want. Just don't make us lose another day with our son. We proved no drugs through our clean drug tests. Which they didn't even start till my son was 2 months old. We went in to court and our lawyers asked the state what my son was withdrawing from. They said they didn't know. Our lawyers asked, what could it have been. They said they did not know because they were not medical professionals. So our lawyers said, so your drug testing them then. They said no. So it was pointed out that I was breastfeeding and providing breastmilk for my still 100% breast milk fed son. They looked aggravated and sighed. It is since taken off the court documents. My son has also had a 100% normal EEG while breastfeeding because he was having seizures which the neurologist diagnosed as GAS.. This case is a mess and we just want our son home.