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Donation of the R.S. Walton Elementary School building to the Dream Field Academy, Phila., PA.

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Dream Field Academy is a non-profit, grass-roots organization; we cannot afford to rent or lease the building located at 28th & Huntingdon Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19132.   We are asking that a donation of the building be made to Dream Field Academy. The building, located in North Philadelphia, has been vacant since Barry Elementary School exited it more than four calendar years ago. The property is now being used as a dumping ground and for other illegal activities in a community that is in dire need of quality and effective programs.


Dream Field Academy, along with its affiliates of other community organizations and faith base organizations, will be able to provide effective programs to a neighborhood that is decimated with violence, an increase in youth and adolescents not completing school, thereby increasing the dropout rolls and poverty. As you are well aware from the stories and statistics, young adults who drop out of school are much more likely to turn to crime and violence because of their feelings of hopelessness.


That is why this generous donation will help Dream Field Academy to ensure that we can continue to provide quality educational projects and enrichment for the community that is in need. These are services that the Board of Education used to provide before all of the major funding cutbacks and can no longer afford to provide.

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