Use Drug Dealer Dollars For Rehab And Narcan

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The Drug Dealers are killing thousands, it's time They foot the bill For Narcan and Rehab.

The heroin Epidemic has exploded in the United States. We have lost more people to overdose this year than the entire Vietnam War. Most heroin addicts started with prescription pills prescribed by a doctor. This effects normal everyday people. Heroin withdrawal is comparable to the worst flu you have ever had multiplied by 10 lasting 5-7 days

This makes it incredibly difficult to detox from heroin on your own. Which is a big reason affordable rehabs are needed. Unfortunately most rehabs cost 30000 dollars plus and require great insurance. 

Most people who need to go to rehab can not afford it. We need affordable treatment options. This can be achieved by using money and assets such as cars houses etc from Drug Dealers. They have caused this epidemic it is time They pay for it.

We propose that 50% of all money and property confiscated from drug dealers be used to fund affordable rehabs.

We understand that typically this money is used for drug task forces,  drug dogs or for under cover police cars. 

However time has proven that we cannot arrest our way out of this problem. We can no longer expect to throw money at law enforcement and expect a different solution. We need new and innovative solutions such as the one we are proposing. 

If you want to save money dealing with the drug Epidemic the best way is to treat the drug users.  This would reduce expenditures on narcan, incarceration, medical bills from complications such as hepatitis c or hiv, and community damage due to burglary or theft