Urge All Democratic States to Declare Hong Kong Police Force as Terrorist Organization

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With reference to the latest actions the Hong Kong Police Force has taken against all the demonstrations or civil activities in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Police Force should be considered one of the most evil organizations in the world.

In the recent 3 months, all the actions were taken not just indifferently to those in demonstrations, but all innocent people in the street, or even in private properties. At their own wish, the Hong Kong Police Force broke into residential areas or shopping malls to assault or arrest all normal Hong Kong people, without proper and due reason. Not just creating white terror to people, all these actions were no different to any of the terrorist attack in other parts of the world. The trust level of Hong Kong Police Force by the Hong Kong people has dropped towards zero.

Heads of State or Government of all democratic states are thus urged to define the Hong Kong Police Force as terrorist organization and to impose all possible relevant measures to save people in Hong Kong (including those of their respective states currently working or living in Hong Kong).