Stop Punishing Domestic Violence Victims and their Children! Stop Child Trafficking by CPS

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In 2002, at the age of just 22 years old- I was the victim of Domestic Violence at the hands of my partner.  I had three young children, ages 5, 4 and 1 at the time of the incident.  We were living in San Diego County, California.

I called the police.  That turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life.  At 22 years old, with what seemed to be a bright future ahead of me…  I lost everything.  It turns out, in San Diego, exposing your children to Domestic Violence is a crime.  Law Enforcement reported me being victimized with children present in the home, to Child Protective Services.  23 days after the incident happened, CPS removed my children.  It was a Friday.  The Friday before Easter.  In Fact, they were taken away from the Easter Party at the daycare center they attended.  My youngest child was still being breastfed at the time.  They were taken from what the social worker described as a "loving mother", and placed in a Foster Home with complete strangers.  Despite the fact that I had never spanked, or even yelled at my children- I was no longer allowed to see them unsupervised again.  I was treated worse than a pedophile.  My youngest was weaned from me against both of our wills.  They wouldn't allow me even to pump breast milk to provide to him!  What cruelty to inflict on an infant and his Mother.

The following Tuesday- after waiting the longest 4 days of my life…  I went before the judge in court.  I was treated like a felon.  A child abuser.  The lowest of low.  I was told that I was guilty of the "Failure to protect my children from witnessing Domestic Violence".  I thought a mistake had been made.  I was the victim here.  Why was I being punished?  Why were my innocent babies being punished?

I was given a pamphlet about having my children removed, and assigned a public defender.  She told me I needed to do something called "Waive Jurisdiction",  and then my children would be released back to me.  Of course I would waive it, I thought.  If that is what would get my babies back home to me, I would do anything...

That ended up being a lie.  In fact, me waiving jurisdiction helped me, in part, lose my Supreme Court appeal.  That and my Public Defender's failure to file in a timely matter.

To make a long story short, for an entire year, I was in court almost weekly- sometimes multiple times per week- fighting for my children.  The court assigned them each a public defender as well.  The PD's fought hard…  To keep the children from me, their mother.  I went through Psychological evaluations, parenting classes, even DV counseling on "how to not be a victim".  I did everything I was told, and more.  I lost my job over this.  I became homeless over this.  All the while, each week- I had faith that the judge would realize her mistake, and let my children come home.  She never did.

Week after week, I saw babies who were born drug addicted, be returned home to their addict Mothers.  Children who were sexually, and physically abused- returned home to their abusers.  But me?  My children?  They hadn't been affected by any of those situations.  They had a loving mother.  A good home.  A happy life.  But they were never to return home again.

Fast Forward to now- nearly 15 years later.   The  children were placed in a permanent guardianship with my estranged mother and step father.  (He had a prior DV conviction, but CPS still found this to be a suitable home for them since his conviction was more than 10 years old).  My Mom and Step Father decided they didn't want to care for the baby- so he was sent away.  His name was changed.  Sibling visits happened three times in 15 years.  I haven't seen him since he was 7 years old.  And prior to that- he was 2 the last time I held him in my arms.  The other two children haven't seen him in 12 years.  The 3 children I went on to have later in life, have never seen him.  The court thought this was fine.  Then there were the Public Defenders assigned to the children.  They argued that because the baby was 1 at the time he was removed, no "sibling bond" existed.  They said the 4 and 5 year old would not suffer detriment, first losing their mother, then their brother.  That was false.  We all have suffered greatly.  When I tried to speak up about this in Court, I was reprimanded and charged with "having an anger problem."  Yeah.  I'm angry.  Wouldn't you be?  No mother should EVER have to grieve the loss of a child/children, especially when they are still alive!!!

I have seen the children as much as possible over the years.  These visits depended on my relationship with my mom.  If she was angry with me, she would use my children as a weapon to control me.  She once deprived me of speaking to them for more than a year, and of seeing them for almost two.  My mother never allowed them to come and live with me again, as they desired, because she found out shortly after becoming their guardian- that guardianships are financially rewarding. My two girls grew up in a home where they were often spanked, beat, screamed at, belittled, referred to as "foster kids", despite being the biological grandchildren of my own mother, and lashed out at.  They were constantly told horrible things about me, how I didn't want them, or love them.  That I didn't love God, and had my children taken away for my sins…  They were homeschooled, against my will.  They were converted to a religion against my own.  Medical decisions were made, contrary to my wishes… Their upbringing went against everything I had ever hoped for them.  They went through a childhood that I ran away from as a child, and never came back to.

15 years later- I am just a shell of the happy, fun loving, optimistic girl I was back then.  There is no more hope for a future for me.  My youth is gone, and so is their childhood years that could have been spent with their Mother who loves them.  There has only been a countdown to death for me now.  

Thanks to calling 911 to protect and help me, on that fateful day in 2012…  I am now $170,000+ in debt to Child Support and to Legal Fees charged by San Diego County for the children's Public Defenders.  (You know, the ones who fought for the "best interest" of my children).  I have this debt, which continues to accumulate every single day, only because I REFUSED to sign away my parental rights to allow my children to be freed for adoption!  I can't hold a professional license or certification.  I can't work a real job.  I cannot have a passport.  I will never own a house, or know what it's like to have good credit…  I am a deadbeat parent, on paper.  A mother who looks like she ran out on her children, and avoided child support for 15 years!  But that isn't who I am.  I am a victim.  I am a brokenhearted mother who has spent the last 15 years wishing for death, over standing by helplessly, watching her children be legally kidnapped by the government.  I am an American.  An American who has wondered what happened to her constitutional rights, and the rights of her children.  I am a prisoner.  A prisoner who has never been convicted of a crime, or received a sentence that can be commuted, or pardoned.  Even a murderer knows how long he will pay the price for his crime…  San Diego County, and the State of California have sentenced me and my children to LIFE inside the prison of our own mind.  No chance of parole.  No appeals.  

I am a runaway.  At the age of 37 years old, I have been so traumatized by what happened to me all of those years ago, that I live in constant fear.  I went on to have three more children.  They are wonderful, and precious.  Everytime I feel threatened to be exposed for this past  tragedy that was forced on me and my older children- I pack up, and leave.  I start life somewhere else.  I shouldn't have to live like a fugitive, when I have never done ANYTHING wrong.  

But I do.

I am starting this petition because I don't want any other mother or child to EVER experience what I have gone through.  If you google CPS/ Legal Baby Stealing- you will be shocked at what this corrupt organization does to separate families, and profit from giving their children away to adoptive and foster parents.  It's a multi-million dollar industry!  It's sickening, and San Diego CPS has even been cited recently, by a Grand Jury, for GROSS MISCONDUCT.  

If they could so easily steal my life away from me, at the age of 22 years old- it could happen to any of you who are reading this.  Please consider signing my petition to change the laws governing Child Protective Services, and a mother's rights when she has done nothing wrong- her only crime being to trust law enforcement when she has been the victim of a violent crime.  Please support me in seeking a Pardon from a crime I never even committed, nor was charged with, from Governor Brown, and President Trump.  This will save my life!  This will save the lives of my wonderful children, who deserve happiness- and to be freed from this unjust act committed by our government.  It may be too late to recapture the 15 years we missed together, as a family- but it is NEVER too late to have justice prevail, and be vindicated!

In the last 15 years, I have written every single President and First Lady of the United States.  I have written Dateline NBC, I have written Dr. Phil and Oprah.  I have written the Governor of California, too.  NOBODY has cared about me, or my children.  I have even tried to request a PRESIDENTIAL Pardon!!  I was told that I couldn't even apply for one, because I am not a convicted criminal.  What?  Really?  You could have fooled me, because my life and happiness- even my health, has been taken from me.  I have served nearly 15 years of what I would consider, a never ending sentence.  San Diego County broke the law.  They carelessly threw my life away, with no thought of me or my children.  They did this for Money.  Power.  Greed.  Control.  

Please stand with me today, and MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO TAKE AWAY THE PARENTAL RIGHTS AND CHILDREN OF A LOVING PARENT, JUST BECAUSE HE/SHE REPORTED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT.  Grief never expires!  Help those who cannot help themselves.  At 22, I didn't know what to do when CPS removed my children for the "potential of witnessing future incidents of domestic violence".  I just listened to the attorney, because she was wiser- because she knew more.  She would pretend to help me, then go have lunch with the same people fighting to keep my children away from me.  Boy, is our world in trouble when we start prosecuting people for things that "might" happen!  You're only as free as you think you are.  I have known now, for 15 years, that the USA is NOT free.  If you are ever so unlucky as to have the government gain access to your life, or children- when the government is done with you, you'll wish you could lay down in a hole somewhere, and just die.  You'll feel like you died each day, inside, as I have for the last 15 years.  :-(

Please sign this petition.  Please ask Governor Jerry Brown to pardon me, to offer a formal apology for what happened to me and my children, and to create a new law protecting crime victims and their children, from persecution by CPS and the law enforcement agencies who are supposed to protect them.  Please ask our President, Donald J. Trump, to issue a Presidential Pardon to me, to offer a formal apology on behalf on the State of California, and the County of San Diego, for what happened to me and to my children, and to create a Federal Law protecting crime victims and their children, from persecution by CPS and the law enforcement agencies who are supposed to protect them.  I sat around paralyzed by fear and sadness, for the last 15 years, waiting for someone to knock on my door, and tell me a horrible mistake had been made, and that they had come to "right the wrong".  That knock will never come.  I know that now.  I need to be the change I want to see in the world.  I owe that to my children.  I owe that to myself.  I want my life back.  I want to start living it.  Please help me?  Please help to ensure that no other innocent Mother and child EVER has to face being torn away from each other by Child Protective Services, and Family Court.