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Reform child support enforcement

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Child support enforcement is a joke in this country. There are too many custodial parents that are struggling to take care of their children while the other parent is not doing their fair share. The other parent lies about their income, works under the table,  changes employment frequently so to not have child support deducted from their paychecks, they even avoid filing income taxes-how ridiculous is that? Not to mention the out of state cases. The states should collectively cooperate with each other to enforce child support. It shouldnt be so difficult for another state to enforce a court order on child support. 

And lets talk about all of the custodial parents that have to ask for government assistance because of lack of child support. Not to knock these parents in any way, but if child support was enforced like it should be there would not be nearly the need for government assistance. 

The amount of arrears owed should not be allowed to reach thousands of dollars before serious action is taken. That is just not acceptable. The children suffer without the right support. These non-paying parents need to be held accountable to the fullest extent.

The custodial parent has to work twice as hard to provide for their children while the non-custodial gets to live life without concern for the well-being and day to day needs of their children. The custodial parent spends long hours away from their children trying to provide a decent life causing their children to miss out on valuable time that should be spent together. 

I'm not asking for more than what is deserved, just that the non-custodial parents are held accountable more aggressively than what is happening in the current system.

Please sign this petition so that hopefully we can get this system reformed. 

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