Please let my wife live.

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Please help my wife.

You might save her life.

Linda lives alone thanks to Social Security. She has serious epilepsy. Seizures are getting worse and worse. Three times in the last year she has ended up in the Emergency Room with serious injuries from seizures ranging from severe cuts and bruises (looking like she has been beaten and battered) to broken bones to concussion. She has had far more than three close calls. It is only by the grace of God she hasn’t been hurt worse.

Years ago she had brain surgery as a result of the severity of her seizures. The surgery did not do away with the seizures but did leave her with a host of disabilities that she didn’t have before the surgery. The challenges she faces are real and pressing. Doctors are telling her she may need more brain surgery

She is also in chronic pain. Headaches are more often than not 24/7. She had serious back surgery several years ago and one doctor has told she needs further surgery around her neck and says he thinks the headaches will never disappear until she has that surgery. But he counsels caution too. The back surgery could leave her a vegetable.

Her neurologist told me bluntly “Mr. Drain your wife does not need to live alone. It is not safe.”

Yet she is home alone tonight. And was last night and the night before.

She is alone because Social Security tells me it is illegal for me to live with her.

5 years ago I took early retirement from social security. Linda was not doing well and I thought perhaps it was time for me to be home.

After a couple of months Social Security called us in. “You guys make way too much money.” We found out we had run into a nightmare law. They told Linda because of my retirement they were essentially taking away her social security. The combination of the two still left us well below poverty. We separated to maintain her eligibility for the health insurance that kept her alive.

CNN recently did a piece on our story.

We found out that we had found a hell that thousands and thousands of poor people who were either old or disabled or both had found themselves in. We found out that Social Security was the most dangerous thing in our life and something we never dreamed existed was going to possibly keep us apart forever.

Love should not be illegal. Dedicated, committed love that has stood the test of time should particularly never be illegal. Our crime was we had been married a long time, Linda was disabled, and we were poor. Some crime.

The doctor told Linda she needed a medical caretaker. I asked social security if I could be that caretaker. They told me that would be fraud.

It is getting worse, getting more dangerous each and every day. We are asking that the regulations that have separated us be reconsidered. It is a shame what this country is doing to many of its older citizens. It is past a shame.

If the regulations can not be reconsidered we simply ask for mercy. We wish to steal no money or break no laws. We simply wish for Linda to live.


Allow us to live together again.

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