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Make Abortion Illegal in America!

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Abortion is Murder. Unborn babies are protected from murder and violence by the federal act 'Unborn Victims of Violence'. The act considers an unborn baby to be a human being and imposes penalties on those who inflict harm on a fetus otherwise than through an abortion.

Abortion denies the fetus the right to life as safeguarded in the US Constitution.

Unborn babies are protected from murder and violence by the federal act ‘Unborn Victims of Violence’.  The act considers an unborn baby to be a human being and imposes penalties on those who inflict harm on a fetus otherwise than through an abortion.  In addition to the Federal Act 38 US states have separate fetal homicide laws. The laws of 23 of those states protect the fetus from the very earliest stages of pregnancy, regardless of viability outside the womb.

These laws make it clear that most people find the killing of a fetus to be repugnant and its life worthy of protection.  These same laws, however, permit a mother, one of the two people in the world who should be protecting the fetus and putting its interests above anyone else’s, to have an abortion. 

If it is unacceptable for a stranger to kill a baby why is it acceptable for a mother and her doctors to do so?

The father of an unborn baby is considered a victim when it is killed by a third party but has no rights at all to prevent or argue against the mother of his child having an abortion.

Abortion makes human life disposable, Doctors were originally forbidden to practice abortion for this reason. The Pope has claimed that abortion promotes a culture where human life is considered disposable where babies are discarded as ‘unnecessary’. This is a view backed up by some members of the US House of Representatives as typified by Randy Hultgren’s statement that abortion allows us to ‘throw away anything or anyone that is an inconvenience’ and condemning the US abortion providers as running an industry designed to make money off the back of suffering. Others equate abortion to the Columbine High School massacre as in the US a baby dies through an abortion every 20 seconds. They claim that abortion sends a message that a baby’s life and therefore that of all children is considered disposable. 

Fetuses are capable of feeling pain
Abortion should be illegal because fetuses feel pain and abortion is cruel and unusual
Look at some of the new 4d scans of very young fetuses.  As early as 12 weeks they are, if small, fully formed human beings, they have eyes, fingers, toes, heart and a nervous system.  By 8 weeks gestation a fetus can flex their spine, an indication that enough of a nervous system exists to enable it to feel pain.  While fetuses of that age lack a fully developed cortex experiments on animals lacking a cortex show that they withdraw from painful stimuli.  Dr Nathanson, an early proponent of abortion became a pro-life campaigner after he saw 12 week fetuses shrink from instruments and open their mouths in a scream during an abortion.

While the majority of abortions that take place in the US and around the world are either medical (procured through drugs) or simple vacuum extractions abortions at a later stage of pregnancy are more difficult.  These are properly called dilation and extraction abortions but are often referred to as Partial Birth Abortions.  The procedure is truly horrendous for the fetus.  It is turned in the womb and all of the body bar the head is delivered (the delivery of the head would imply a live birth).  At this stage the fetus is completely alive and healthy. 

The surgeon then pierces the head and extracts the brain killing the baby.  The body is then delivered.  This is not a sanitized procedure, it is not humane and it is not always performed on a fetus who can feel no pain, many of the babies on whom this procedure is performed are capable of a viable birth.  If the baby’s head were delivered and the procedure subsequently carried out it would be characterized as murder.  This type of abortion is subject to bans and legal challenges.  As a result many providers now stop the baby’s heart with a lethal injection prior to dismembering the fetus in utero.  This does not, however, detract from the fact that the fetus is alive and capable of life just seconds before the injection takes effect.


Of course there are certain circumstances where difficult and heartbreaking decisions have to be made; we are not, however, discussing those here.  We are considering whether the easy access to abortion on demand should be a fundamental human right.  Abortion, whether through partial birth or otherwise is, quite simply horrific.  In a society where we have easy access to contraceptives which if used properly or in combination would prevent an unwanted pregnancy there is simply no excuse for abortion, particularly not of one in four viable pregnancies.  However, we live in a throwaway society, one where the rights of a woman to ‘choose’ are seen as more important than those of the baby she is carrying, the baby’s father and potential parents who could love and nurture it.

Doctors who perform an abortion take a living human being, capable of breathing, capable of crying and nursing and cut its life short before it has the opportunity to realize its potential.  The mother who is supposed to love it more than anyone else in the world, who is supposed to protect it is complicit in its pain, suffering and death.  It is for these reasons that abortion should be illegal.
For abortion advocates, the issue of abortion boils down to bodily autonomy. Proponents of abortion say that since the baby resides within the mother’s body, the mother should be allowed to get an abortion and remove it if she so chooses. Her body, her choice — except there’s a big problem with that argument: the baby isn’t part of her body.

Human beings have certain unalienable rights, as enumerated under our Declaration of Independence. First and foremost among these is the right to life. But our rights and freedoms end when they infringe on the human rights of another person, or cause serious harm to another human being.

Abortion is, therefore, not an issue of a woman’s choice, but of civil rights. When people are deprived of their basic human rights, their civil rights are violated. Pre-born babies are deprived of their right to life, the most basic right of all, simply because of their location in the mother’s womb and their developmental status. Far from being a human right, abortion is a discriminatory and cruel civil rights violation of the most vulnerable among us. A conjoined twin does not have the option of killing the other twin, even though their bodies are connected. Certain things, such as drinking and driving, are illegal because they endanger other people. People are allowed to make decisions for themselves—they can even behave recklessly— but they are not allowed to put other people’s lives at risk.Abortion advocates are right in that women can do (almost) whatever they want with their own bodies. They can dye their hair and wear makeup; if they’re 18, they can get tattoos and pierce their ears. But a preborn baby is not just an extension of the mother’s body. The child in the womb is a unique human being with the right to life. In order to understand why “my body, my choice” is a fallacy, we have to understand the inherent humanity of the preborn child. Science and reason affirm that abortion, by its very nature, destroys another human being.

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