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Let president Donald John trump have a state visit to Great Britain and adress Parliament

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DONALD TRUMP should be aloud to have a state visit to Great Britain because we need him for trade now we are leaving the European Union. And these are some of the BENEFITS of his visit
1)we need to do a good trade with Donald for the future to build our economy and not just our also America economy as well.
2)America has been best friends with the uk for decades.
3) he should be able to adress parliament and visit them
4)and he want to help Britain with trade and other things
5) he is the most powerful man on earth so we should let him meet with her majesty the queen
6) Mr Trump sees Britain as a key ally so we know we got someone to trust so we should let him have a good state visit.
7)he also puts money into the economy because of his golf course in Scotland which helps with our development and provides jobs
8)we should give him a chance

9) and we need America for a lot of other things like the army etc

we should also give him a chance and he should be made welcome and feel invited to come to the uk on a state visit.and it would be great if him and his family could come and explore Great Britain 

the electoratesof England and surrounding pays taxes and so they decide whether trump comes and it would benefit both of us but if we block him then when we leave European Union trump might not want to help us so then we’re have a hard Brexit. And however there is some opposition from political politicians like Jeremy Corbyn which we should atleast give Donald Trump a chance and because we can’t ruin this special relationship when we need America 100% 

and some people who oppose trump should give him a chance.

and there’s no need for PROTESTS as Donald trump and his family are welcome and should be made welcome to when they come to the uk and yes he deserves a state visit.

and he should also meet with the queen and adress the nation. And he wants to help our country as we are leaving the EU and wants to do free trade deal. And the army 

And plus he is the president of America!

and plus our ‘special relationship’ is on the line if we don’t invite him for a full visit. As America would support us with military etc!

and it would be great if he came for a FULL STATE VISIT

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