Introduce Wolves to The Wild

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Wild Wolves

Predators play a decisive part in wildlife. One family of wolves can have a tremendous impact on wildlife. A luscious and perfect habitat can only remain alive for a couple years without predators. Without predators the herbivores population grows fast, soon the vegetation is gone, the herbivores start dying and even though water might remain, animals need food to survive as well. People NEED to introduce wolves or other predators to large parts of nature that are deprived of them.

        When you think of bears or wolves you always think they will attack on sight or that they are too dangerous. Yet just like sharks the death rate by wolves is very low. As a matter of fact, according to Wikipedia, the 19th century records show that between 1801-1825, there were 112 attacks, 77 of which resulted in death. Of these cases, only five were attributed to rabid animals. ... Similarly, in Lithuania, attacks by rabid wolves have continued to the present day, with 22 people having been bitten between 1989-2001. This means that only good can come from adding wolves or other predators to wildlife. Predators keep things in balance, making sure nothing is more than the other. People detain wolves only because they assume they do more harm than good. Every part of the food chain is needed to support wildlife.