Get the FBI to Investigate the Church of Wells in Wells, Texas

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I am from Northeastern Illinois, but I am aware of an extremist fundamentalist Christian church in the small town of Wells, Texas. The church is named "The Church of Wells". The three elders of the church whose names are Jake Gardner, Ryan Ringnald and Sean Morris run the church and they believe they are the only ones in America who are saved. There is also another church in Adelaide, Australia who is connected to them and share the same beliefs. Their beliefs range from separating members from their families, beating and terrorizing children as young as 3 years old, abusing the female members, trespassing property to preach the "Word of God", cyber-stalking in order to gain members to starving their members for long periods of time for "salvation" reasons. This church has not been around Wells, Texas for a long time but it's a shame this church or in better terms, cult is still active. If you do not believe me on any of this, go to or look at the "Church of Wells" ABC Nightline videos on YouTube. This cult is a threat to the town of Wells and to the entire United States of America. Again, I am from Illinois but I am still concerned about the folks down in Texas and I am also concerned about the entire country because these people go everywhere in the country preaching their extremist beliefs which can cause the young and vulnerable to get sucked into their cult. This cult is dangerous and who knows what the leaders of the church are doing behind closed doors to men, women and children. The local authorities and the FBI need to investigate the "Church of Wells" because they are abusing their members and they are stalking people on the Internet and in real life to get them into the cult. I want the three elders to be punished for their crimes and everyone in the cult to be freed from these three men. As for the church in Adelaide, Australia which is connected to the Church of Wells, I wish for the freedom of the members there as well. Please FBI, I urge you to take action!