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Create An Executive Order for a National Animal Abuse Registry

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Dear President Trump:

we have too many politicians today in our individual states that do not want to see progression, but only want to fill their pockets. For far too long, many of these politicians have erroneously told society that certain animals, or breeds, such as pitbulls are dangerous. The truth is the most dangerous animal of all is mankind. 

Currently, only two states, California and New York, have an animal abuse registry. Update January 5, 2016. As of New Years Day 2016 Tennessee has now joined and implemented a state wide animal abuse registry. We, the petitioners, ask the Supreme Court to make it a federal law that in the United States, and its territories, that an animal abuse registry is enacted. When an adult, whether American or not, commits cruelty to an animal or neglect, their name will permanately be on the animal abuse registry and no longer be allowed to own an animal, sell an animal, or work with animals provided the defendant has received a fair trial. This executive order of a national animal registry will also crackdown on puppy mills and dog fighting in a far more harsher manner. This executive order will also investigate factory farms and make cramped quarter living of animals illegal along with force feeding illegal.

Why not state by state? To those wondering why not do this state by state. First, it would take too long. Next, if it went state by state someone who has abused an animal could just drive to the next state over and pick up an animal there. This is why it needs to be nation wide. As for animal abusers crossing into Mexico or Canada helping animals there it is up to the Mexican and Canadian governments.

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