Change Daylight Savings Time to occur on Monday at 4:00 PM as opposed to the weekend!

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There are many health benefits to such a proposal.  For one, studies show the negative health effects that a 1 hour loss of sleep can have on us.  By changing the time DST occurs to 4:00 PM on the third Monday of March, there will be an overall drop in stress across the country.  If anything, we can expect the population to exhibit increased levels of motivation, productivity, and excitement in advance of the workday on Monday, especially knowing they will have to work 1 less hour during their respective shifts.  Studies show an uptick in heart attacks, traffic accidents, and workplace injuries occurring the day following DST.  In terms of workplace productivity, workers often cite feelings of tiredness and mental fog following such a change.  By allowing the transition to occur towards the end of the workday, productivity will be salvaged, and in all likelihood increased due to the aforementioned explanation; without such a change, tens, if not, hundreds of millions in economic productivity will be lost.  The effects such a change to employee morale also cannot be ignored.  If anything, employees will look forward to DST and treat it as a national holiday — in a way, DST can be looked at as the unofficial start to the Spring season, which will lead to positivity across the board.  The American people are stressed out, stretched out, and burned out — we need a break!  Please join me in petitioning and ushering in REAL change that the everyday worker can relate to and believe in! #realchange #makeamericagreater

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