Change animal care laws for pet stores!

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Every day across the country animals are mistreated in the very place we should be able to trust the lives of these animals to. Pet stores, more often than not, do not provide proper care for the pets they are selling. Not only that, but these same pet stores misinform or mislead the future owner of these pets and so these animals continue to live in terrible conditions even when they reach their forever home. These animals are mistreated thanks to incompetence in pet stores and misinformed owners. I wish to implement several requirements and laws to improve the care of these animals who cannot speak for themselves. I wish to make the following changes:

Pet stores should require future pet owners to take and pass a test over the basic care of the animal they wish to purchase

Pet shops should have at least 1 staff member who is well educated and trained on the care of each category of animal (reptiles, rodents, fish, ect...)

Pet shops should require ALL staff to undergo training and lessons on the BASIC care of each of the animals they have in the store

Pet shops should be required to emulate the care conditions and housing that is appropriate for each type of animal and have up to date and accurate care papers based on actual studies and data collected

Cages for animals MUST reach the minimum cage size requirements for the pet to lead a happy life or otherwise they must be marketed as travel cages

Products should not be marketed towards animals that cannot have said product for safety reasons

Wire wheels should not be sold for safety reasons

Routine and surprise checkups for both pet shops and breeding locations/pet suppliers

Sick or injured pets should not be sold and should be rehomed for free to someone who is willing and able to care for said animal or otherwise brought back to full health by the pet shop before selling

You should not be allowed to purchase an exotic animal if there is not a vet that can see said animal within a 70 mile radius of your location

Animals that are proven to be solitary animals should not be sold together unless the buyer can provide proof of individual habitats for each animal

Colony animals should not be sold individually unless the buyer can provide proof of at least 1 other of the same type of animal that can be housed with said colony animal

Products that have been proven unsafe for the animal they are marketed towards should not be sold

All pet shops should be willing and able to take any surrendered animals and allow future pet owners to adopt said animal for free if the pet owner can prove they have the knowledge to care for the animal they wish to adopt

All pet stores should be required to sell all items that are required for the care of each type of animal they sell (appropriately sized enclosures, nutritious food, ect...)

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