US Army FAILED PFC Vanessa Guillen, Launch Investigation

US Army FAILED PFC Vanessa Guillen, Launch Investigation

July 3, 2020
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Started by Tamarcus Lott

The President of the United States, United States Army, along with the Fort Hood Commanding General,  LTG Robert P. White and Command SGT Maj., Daniel T. Hendrex failed PFC Vanessa Guillen. Guillen was considered a missing person until remains of terribly beaten person was discovered. PFC Guillen was found dead. It was discovered she’d been bludgeoned to death. These gruesome acts were performed on US soil at a United States Army base. This was not on foreign soil, nor was it an act of a foreign terrorism. 
Claims have been made but not confirmed that PFC was attempting to file a formal sexual harassment complaint against said accuser.
This petition is being put in motion to STOP 2 goals:

1. Article 138 in the Military Code of Justice, gives rights that allow PFC Vanessa Guillen file for a Congressional Investigation into the allegations of misconduct that transpired on Fort Hood under the command of LTG Robert P White. This petition is to demand a formal complaint be filed to launch an Official Congressional Investigation to ensure justice is served for PFC Guillen. An investigation has been launched by the US Armed Forces Inspector General.
An outside third party should conduct this investigation, the army has sexual assault and abuse cases that dates back to when the army was founded. Thus, it would be ineffective to assign an investigation to team whom are members of the accused organization.  

2. The Army’s Sexual Harrassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) program is broken and ineffective. It must be disbanded and reconstructed to provide effective aid to those seeking help specifically those whom are apart of with the overwhelming open cases of suicide, sexual assault and harassment in the military. 

Sign YOUR name today to stop a machine of continuous mistreatment of our soldiers    
who put their lives on line for us. Let’s put ours on the line for them! 

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Signatures: 208Next Goal: 500
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