Urge state departments to reopen rest stops!

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To the Trump Administration: please urge state departments of transportation to reopen all rest-stops and to allow food trucks to operate at these rest stops, so that all truckers playing an integral role in transporting essential goods may have food, showers, and well-deserved rest. 

Our names are Hannah & Gigi, aged 15 and 71, respectively. We have started this petition because we care deeply about truckers in our country. The experience of truckers during this time of global pandemic is very difficult, because while they bravely drive for weeks transporting essential items such as cases of water, food, medicine, hospital equipment, protective gear, and other products to individuals across the country; they are not able to take a break, receive warm food and showers, or sleep. This is because in many states, the rest stops they depend upon for these things have been shut down, or are only partially open.

In the words of an anonymous trucker reaching out to his brother, who shared his words on Facebook: "It's getting almost impossible for us to be out here... no hot meals in almost two weeks, customers won't let us into their facilities to use restrooms, truck stops are closing their showers... I broke down in tears for four hours yesterday ready to give up and go home- but I know I can't, because we are the only thing keeping this country going right now."

Truckers are the backbone of the economy, central to our way of life, and their welfare is inextricably connected to that of all consumers. During this time of global uncertainty, struggle and chaos, we cannot abandon them, and must ensure that their health and safety is supported.