ICE: Do not deport International Students

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On Monday, international students were told that if their college does not re-open this fall for in person classes, they would have to transfer to a college with in person instruction or risk being deported. International students make up 5.5% of the US university population. On average, they pay more tuition than American citizens going to these colleges. Not only is this cruel and disgusting, it will hurt colleges and universities all around the United States, they will make less money as a result of 5.5% of their student population being deported. These students worked extremely hard to get where they are, and often work in the US. These are not illegal immigrants, most are here legally with a F-1 Visa. These people left their families abroad, and moved to a country with a entirely different culture, and created a life here and are now being forced by ICE to leave. And if by chance their schools open this fall, they are risking being exposed to COVID-19. This is another absolutely disgusting decision by ICE, and we encourage you to make it known that you do not accept ICE deporting thousands of international students.