To make 9/11 a National Holiday

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I am seeking to make 9/11 a National Holiday. Thousands of innocent Americans died needlessly that day, and thousands more have died as a result. This is a day that must continue to be remembered and honored forever.

My Stepfather lost his life that day, he was a FF with the FDNY and was buried under the South Tower. Our family, as well as thousands of other families lives have forever been changed. The pain does not go away, and we deserve to have our loved ones honored appropriately. My Stepfather was just a short time away from retirement and his life was cut short. I watched my mother suffer for years over the loss of her husband. There is nothing harder than watching your parent grieve everyday for years on end. My mother is not the only one, our families deserve proper honor and recognition. Also, schools are not teaching the tragic events of that day. My stepdaughter is 19 now and she barely learned about it in school. That is disgraceful, every child and American should be knowledgeable of that horrific day.

I find it disheartening as a Proud American, that there are other holidays deemed worthy as a National Holiday, while this tragic day is not recognized. I ask that you please consider making this day a National Holiday, for those who perished and for those of us left behind to suffer.