Stop the Execution of Cory Johnson!

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ATTENTION! I know everyone’s still reeling from the death of Brandon Bernard, however there’s another issue! Cory Johnson is scheduled to be killed 6 days before Biden is inaugurated. Johnson was 1/3 crack cocaine dealers who was convicted in 1992, for a string of murders that claimed 10 lives in a 45-day period. Prosecutor’s have stated that he killed 7 people, in an attempt to expand gang-territory in Richmond, Virginia. HOWEVER Johnson is intellectually disabled, and after a 2002 Virginia case, the Supreme Court ruled it unlawful to execute a person who is of “such low intelligence that they can’t function in society”. Also, NO jury or court has listened to the evidence that his lawyers have presented to decide whether or not Johnson has an intellectual disability. Allowing Cory Johnson’s execution to go forward will be a GRAVE INJUSTICE.

Johnson suffered a HORRIBLE, childhood, filled with mental, physical, and emotional abuse, along with neglect (which are all risk factors for intellectual disabilities). At 13 he was abandoned by his drug-addict mother to a residential facility for children with intellectual & emotional impairments, because he could not learn, and she was not able to cope his limitations. He transferred from numerous schools, and homes until 18 where we was released from a similar facility, with zero life skills, no life structure/support, and overall a little to no chance at succeeding at life. There has been any other federal death penalty prisoner who has NEVER had a single evidentiary hearing in which they could present their intellectual disability evidence. Johnson’s execution should not proceed in the absence of fair & thorough opportunity to present his evidence. Three experts in intellectual disability have also concluded that there is an OVERWHELMING amount of evidence to PROVE that Johnson IS intellectually disabled. Also, Johnson’s co-defendant Vernon Thomas, who was convicted of the same violent acts as Johnson (including 4 murders), was spared the death penalty because of his own intellectual disability.Mind y’all, there has NOT been a lame duck execution in the transition period since 1888-1889. Now under the Trump Administration, there will be 3+.

I believe that Cory Johnson deserves to face punishment for what he’s done. HOWEVER I do NOT support him being put to death. Johnson has shown to suffer from intellectual disability, and he deserves the right for a jury to hear so. It’s illegal to sentence someone who’s intellectually disabled, & if Johnson’s death is continued, that law will be broken.