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Millions of animals are destroyed every year in U.S. Kill Shelters through no
fault of their own. I have been cross posting animals on the "To Be Destroyed"
lists for years and I am heartbroken and incensed by this entirely unnecessary
killing. The indifference of Politicians to this situation is intolerable!
   The reason for this mass killing is not due to overpopulation or an unwillingness
on the part of the Public to adopt them, It is simply laziness on the part of
the Kill Shelter Managers. They deem it so much easier to just destroy animals
rather than, in many cases, even allow them to be adopted, fostered or publicize
them in any way. Many people are oblivious to the fact that Kill Shelters even
exist in the United States. There is no need whatsoever for Kill Shelters, which
many States have already proven.

How can we in the West consider ourselves to be civilized If we
stand by and do nothing while healthy, innocent animals are being
killed?  Please help make the United States a "No Kill" country now by
signing this petition. Thank you! x