#SaveOldGlory - Enact 300% tariff imported US Flags

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The U.S. Flag Industry Needs Your Help!

We who are passionate about providing our customers with American-made U.S. flags face a threat. Currently, online companies, like Amazon, sell improperly labeled imported U.S. Flags. We are the Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA), and we are committed to the production of the greatest symbol of our country with 100% American factories, workers and materials.

The Textile Act requires that a label is attached to each flag until it reaches the end user and MUST state both Country of Origin and material content.

The Textile Act also requires that Country of Origin be stated in advertising: “You must disclose country of origin information in mail order or internet advertising, such as catalogs, including that disseminated on the internet.”

The dramatic growth in online shopping has brought this issue of improper labeling to the forefront. Sales are gaining momentum, and we expect this growth to continue. This affects our livelihood and the pride we take in making U.S. Flags in the United States. We need you to take action.

Operation Save Old Glory - “Fair Play – Fair Labeling – Fair Trade”

You can level the playing field in the U.S. Flag Industry by helping us achieve these three goals.

1. Fair Play - Enact Tariff

  • Enact 300% tariff -HTS code 6307.90.9825 - Imported U.S. Flags
  • Imported U.S. Flag companies are not playing by the rules
  • Help us compete against illegally labeled imported U.S. flags from China

2. Fair Labeling - Alert Amazon

  • Force Amazon to police 3rd party sellers of imported U.S. Flags
  • Flags do not have Country of Origin label attached and wording included in Internet Ads
  • This breaks the law and violates the Textile and Wool Act

3.   Fair Trade - Pressure FTC

  • Demand FTC investigates three Major Importers that sell on Amazon. G128, VSVO, and Anley are illegally selling U.S. Flags online
  • They break the law by not labeling the product with Country of Origin & material content

Show your true colors!