Save RavnAir Alaska

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Ravn Alaska is Alaska’s largest regional airline providing air service to 115 communities with over 70 aircraft and 1,300 employees. Over 80% of Alaskan communities are not accessible by road, and most of these communities rely on Ravn to fulfill essential travel and shipping needs. Ravn accounts for 32% of all flights within the state of Alaska and safely flies up to 800,000 people a year, which is approximately the entire population of Alaska. 

As COVID19 impacted the state of Alaska, non-essential travel bans and shelter in place orders were put forth resulting in passenger revenue dropping by a staggering 90%. All flight operations were brought to a sudden stop on April 5th and nearly all employees were laid off. Ravn filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and applied for loans and grants under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) act as a last hope to remain in business.

The governments response to the application was a loan and grant amount of less than 10% of the requested funds necessary for Ravn to resume operations. This low amount was based on an “Airline Seat Miles” formula that heavily favors the major airlines of the lower 48. It disregards the essential infrastructure that Ravn Alaska supplies. 

Ravn Alaska accounts for 60% of the market share in passenger travel and 30% of cargo in Alaska. This large of an operation is not immediately replaceable with the existing other air carriers within the state. When the demand for air travel returns, many villages will indefinitely be without or have significantly reduced air services, shipping and ticket costs will escalate, and 1,400 employees will lose their jobs. The airline funding through the CARES act favors the major airlines of the lower 48 and there is a serious risk that it will overlook regional carriers such as Ravn Alaska. Please sign and share this petition to show support for this essential airline and the critical services it provides.