Release New Jersey Woman from Russian Jail

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Naama Issachar, who attended Fair Lawn High School (NJ), is now imprisoned in a Russian jail.  (9 grams of cannabis were "found" in her CHECKED luggage while she and her luggage were transferring flights at the Moscow airport.)  She claims the bag is hers but the cannabis is NOT, and she has no idea how the cannabis got into her bag.  She was probably framed.  Here is a link to the article:

This 25-year old may languish for years in a Russian jail!  She's losing all hope.  Her family is desperate.  If President Trump would talk to Putin, it would go a long way towards procuring Naama's release.  Please sign this petition asking President Trump to talk to Putin about releasing Naama.  (This is NOT about our politial views; this is about bringing our hometown girl home!  Please help!)  

Thank you!