Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival - Tell Trump now!

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The 10-day event, also known as the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, occurs annually from June 21st to 30th. Beloved animals are inhumanely killed in sheer brutality, with many cooked alive. Many dogs and cats from nearby houses are stolen and killed at the event. The event has been condemned worldwide, with many British and American celebrities as well as activists such as PETA demanding it be banned. Simply with your signature, we can move this petition up the chain of command and promote Trump to speak with the Chinese Government.

Over 22,000 souls are taken each year and now it is time for America's leader to get involved. Enough is enough. The activists and organizations cant do it alone.

Locals of Yulin in China are defending the event as it is a way to celebrate the summer solstice. Not only this, but they believe the more the animals are tortured, the more luck will come from eating them.

Time for Trump to hear our voice and unite America and other countries against cruelty.