Protection for farmed animals from catastrophic weather events.

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I am saddened to learn about the unnecessary deaths of 3.4 million chickens/turkeys as well as 5,500 hogs (so far) due to the floods from Hurricane Florence here in North Carolina. North Carolina is the "second-largest pork producer in the US, trailing only Iowa, and one of the largest poultry producers in the country. By the state’s count, there are 9.3 million hogs, 819 million chickens, and 33.5 million turkeys housed on farms in North Carolina. Between 65 and 70 million chickens are slaughtered in the state in an average month, along with roughly 2 million turkeys, according to US Department of Agriculture numbers from 2017" (

These animals should never have been put in harms way. I am asking people to sign my petition to make sure that no more farms are allowed within a flood risk area. I am trying to pave the way for farmed animals to be treated as living creatures and not just a "commodity". These are living, breathing creatures that have shown their ability to fear, love, feel and have the natural instinct of wanting to live. These animals had no choice but to be trapped as the water infiltrated their pens and drowned them. Currently one of the largest United States suppliers of poulty, Sanderson Farms, is trying to access millions of chickens near Lumberton, North Carolina, before they starve to death or succumb to exposure.

Farmed animals should not be kept near coastal regions or those known or prone to flooding. If we are to keep using these animals as food the very least of our human compassion should be the WANT to keep them from death through catastrophic events. Anyone wanting to or currently owning a farm should have the minimum requirement of being in a safe zone. Hurricanes are never going to go away. By keeping these animals in the same flood zone, it is only a matter of time before another Hurricane comes and causes similar or worse loss of life. The lives of millions of "poultry" birds and thousands of hogs should not end as an insurance write off or claim to the USDA through programs such as Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP), Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) or Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honey-bees, and Farm-Raised Fish Program (ELAP).

Their lives should have mattered, their safety should have been a factor from the time preparations were made to be a factory farm. This was 100% preventable but through human greed and the continuous thwarted efforts of animal lovers, farmed animals do not have a voice. They are considered as any other consumer product that is expendable and deserving of little protection from the cruelty of man. Please sign my petition to show your support that factory farms have a minimal requirement to ensure the most basic of protections for their "commodities" and also to show that you are just as heartbroken that so many animals died unimaginable and preventable deaths. As consumers, we have the power to demand satisfactory treatment of these beings, that make the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you to all that sign and care to make a change :)

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