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Stop Forced Psychiatric Drugging

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The forced psychiatric drugging of people is wrong for the following reasons: 1) psychiatry treats symptoms only; 2) there are no known scientific causes for "mental illness;" 3) there are over 100 medical illness that manifest in "psychiatric symptoms" for which psychotropic medications should never be given; 4) psychiatric drugs causes people to commit crimes (see and; 5) there are empathic ways of treating people with behavioral issues (; 6) testing for medical illnesses that manifest in psychiatric symptoms should always be done before being given a psychotropic medication; 7) a mouth swab should always be done to determine if a person can tolerate a drug; 8) there are less invasive ways to help a person through a crisis than using psychotropic medications which alter brain chemistry and no one can explain how they help; 9) every school shooter has been on psychotropic medications which cause violence; 10) because psychotropic medications cause violence, more people are being incarcerated; 11) jails and prisons are becoming the long-term mental hospitals in the United States; 12) pharceutical drug profit is the reason behind the over-drugging of children and adults in America; 13) psychotropic medications cause dependence and addiction.  Peoples' lives become destroyed.  Families are destroyed.  This has to stop!!  The picture is of my dear son, Jeff.  He has been criminalized because of these drugs.  Everything he has been accused of and legally charged for was because he has been forced to take brain-altering drugs since 1991.  He had more than one severe trauma in his life and I, his mother, believed what the doctors told me about the drugs, that they would help.  They have stolen my son's life from him.  They have stolen my son from me.  He has two of the medical illnesses that manifest in so-called psychiatric symptoms.  He should have never been given these drugs.    I want my son back.

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