Pardon Kyle Myers (FPS Russia)

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As a result of a non violent drug offense, Kyle (FPS Russia) was stripped of his Constitutional right to own a firearm and $400,000 worth of firearms. Firearm ownership should be available to all non violent citizens in the United States. FPS Russia was an entertaining and informative channel that many in the gun community knew and loved, now we should pay Kyle back with support. His pardon would right a wrong done to a non violent gun owner, and set the stage for more freedom in the United States.

Following the death of Keith Ratliff, and no arrests or explanation despite evidence pointing to murder, the ATF began targeting Kyle Meyers and raided his house twice, finding a miniscule amount of honey oil. Due to current federal law, that immediately resulted in his arrest and seizure of his firearms. 

Kyle has served his time, but is still prohibited from owning firearms. It is abundantly clear that non violent drug offenses have been over charged for years. A pardon of Kyle would begin to make things right and provide hope for other peaceful citizens convicted of non violent drug offenses left defenseless by current law. By supporting this petition, you are helping restore the rights of a great American and helping defend your own.