No More Breeding Farms.

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Until recently, I didn't realize what a problem animal breeding farms are. Most people just worry about making sure animals get adopted so they have a loving home. 

My family and I adopted a Siberian Husky. Sweet as can be with one of the worst cases of hip dysplasia ever seen by our vet. Our dog now suffers in pain, must constantly be on pain medication for the rest of her life, can not enjoy the fullness of her energy and life, and her life expectancy has been greatly decreased. 

My petition is that breeding farms that don't scan or properly check the health of the animals they're breeding should be shut down, and anyone caught running one be charged with felony abuse of animals. If someone wishes to open a breeding farm, they should be required to have specific certification and the means to properly scan and check their animals before breeding (wether it's pure blood or mixed animals). 

The reason I am asking this is because so many families are heartbroken watching their beloved animal suffer due to a genetic condition that could have been caught with the proper screenings and prevented. 

Please help me to stop the suffering of not only these beloved animals, but those that love them and are forced to watch them suffer.