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In the US alone Native women go missing 10 times higher than any other ethnicity, its the third leading cause of death to our people. Most of these murders or kidnappings are caused by non-Natives. The cases aren't being investigated because state and local law enforcement refuse to communicate with tribal law enforcment to resovle the issues. 5,712 Native women went missing or murdered in 2016 alone, in 2019- 10,447 women. Thats only half of the women because the rest go undocumented. 84% of Native women will and have experienced violence in their life. Law enforcement chooses to ignore these statistics. this petition is to envoke change to get recognition and to prevent future crimes against women of color. This petition does not exclude anyone, all indigenous women are important. Together we can band together to prevent any more sisters from being stolen. NO MORE STOLEN SISTERS. We will get the attention we have been denied all this time. MMIW.