Maximize the Defense Production Act to require production of PPEs & ventilators NOW.

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In the midst of the Covid 19 Epidemic, health care workers, paramedics, firefighters, and police as well as myriads of other groups do not have adequate access to Personal Protective Equipment needed in order to prevent contracting the often deadly virus. Doctors are sleeping in their garages to not infect family members; nurses are sobbing as they have to choose between their patients and their families because they don't have proper protection; paramedics don't know if their next call will be their last. 

Meanwhile, doctors throughout the country are writing criteria for what to do when the decision has to be made who will receive a ventilator and who will die. As of April 2, the New York Governor said that they have enough ventilators for six more days. 

If President Trump maximizes his invocation of the Defense Production Act, the supply chain can be incentivized and mandated to produce PPMs and Ventilators that are so badly needed. He has been unwilling to do so, citing Communist regimes who nationalized industries. The comparison is a fear tactic. The government will not own any business that ends up producing these materials. He can also revoke the Act. 

We need to get American companies manufacturing these vital goods. As the country's unemployment rate hit 17 percent this week, this would be a good way to get people back to work. 

We are currently fighting a war where 5,768 people have already died (as of April 2). We are asking our "soldiers" to go to battle without weapons. We are asking our doctors to make life or death decisions that no one should have to make. 

It's time President Trump. Mandate the production of PPMs and Ventilators to save American lives, and, in your words, "Make America Great Again."