#LiftTheTravelBan on EU/UK entering the US

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1 - Travel ban on Europe was imposed on March 13th when it was declared the epicenter of the pandemic, and was suggested to last 30 days. It has been over 60 days, Europe isn’t the epicenter anymore, the numbers are declining, the virus is contained and countries are opening back up.

2 - It is affecting much more than just tourists. US-EU family members and visa holder families are still separated (the exemptions are only for some specific family members). Some parents still haven’t met their new grandchild for those who delivered during the pandemic. Some couple are separated. Some mothers or fathers haven’t seen their children during all this time. International students have to choose between staying in the US without seeing their family or leaving the US without any certainty of getting back in time for school. Many European who resides in the US but didn’t come back before the ban now don’t know how they’ll be able to get the belongings they left behind.

3 - All these categories of people are participating to the US economy, investing, spending money, paying taxes. This ban, that might have been justified at the time now seem like a futility, and is actually going against America. The economy and especially the airlines are unnecessarily affected. To get back to a great economy, resuming traveling with proper screenings is a must.

We demand a lift of the Europe ban, while maintaining the safety of the American people, with new requirements such as quarantine and testing if need be.