Life imprisonment of a Repeat child sex offender.

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It has been brought to many people’s attention from a viral Facebook post that a man by the name of Logan M. Cutcher, 21, of Piqua, has been charged  with first-degree felony rape in connection with an incident on or around March 25. Cutcher was arraigned on the felony rape charge on Monday in Miami County Municipal Court, where he entered a not guilty plea and his bond was set at $500,000.

According to the Piqua Police Department, Cutcher is accused of forcibly raping an 11-year-old female victim at a residence in Piqua. The victim knew Cutcher through a friend.

Cutcher had also previously been charged with obstructing official business prior to getting charged with rape, and he was arraigned on the obstruction charge on March 31. The victim was previously reported as running away or missing on March 24, and on March 26, she was located at Cutcher’s residence. Cutcher had reportedly lied to police about the victim being at his residence during this time, so he was charged with obstructing official business.

In 2018, Cutcher was found guilty of two separate charges of first-degree misdemeanor unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, one in connection with an incident in November 2017 and one in connection with an incident in May 2018. Cutcher was fined $250 and $100, respectively, for each charge. According to court records, Cutcher has not paid those fines.

Also according to court records, Cutcher was labeled a Tier I Sex Offender in 2018 following the second charge of unlawful sexual conduct, but he is currently not on the state’s sex offender registry.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ I just want to add that the viral Facebook post I came across was the reason I created this petition. On this post there were many individuals blaming this 11 year old victim for the rape, and trauma she had to experience because of this sick,  and evil man. I don’t want to get into the extent of what was said, but this girl is suffering from trauma on top of trauma.  Eleven year old children can not consent to having sex, especially with a 21 year old man. I hope that this can bring her some justice, and peace knowing he will never walk free again. She deserves to be able to start healing, and this is a good first step.