Keep Marine Corps Recruit Training Separated for Males & Females

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Most of us who have served in the United States Marine Corps know how big of an impact recruit training had on us. It is an impact that creates an eternal pride that's sticks within for the rest of our lives. 

Rep. Jackie Speier, a California Democrat and chair of the House Armed Services Military Personnel subcommittee, proposed an amendment in early June that would call for the discontinuation of the gender-segregated recruit training in the Marine Corps. 

As a prideful woman Marine veteran, I can tell you that having segregated training made me a WOMAN Marine. It instilled a pride that made me stronger as a woman and allowed me to continuously strive for more. My individual female Drill Instructors taught myself and thousands of other women Marines why it is important that we are women Marines. 

Women have been highly effective in the Marine Corps since 1918. It is not politically correct to tamper with a military tradition, yet alone a systematic process such as a gender-segregated boot camp. It does not increase women being in combat roles,  maintaining high physical standards do.

Separated training does not create a barrier between men and women Marines when they hit the fleet. It does not make women feel less of a Marine to their male counterparts. It is empowering and it is a tradition that is not harmful to the Marine Corps, yet alone our mission. During past and present recruit training aboard Paris Island, men and women already integrate for brief periods of time for swim week and other small training exercises. 

This petition is very important because it is crucial that men and women in bootcamp are separated. It truly allows women and men to bond with one another and their appointed leadership. Most importantly, it helps both sexes maintain focus on individual and Marine Corps standards during 3 months of rigorous training. 

Please sign this petition and pass it on if you agree.

Our Marine Corps needs more focus on funding and combating sexual assualt! It does not need focus on an unrealistic agenda that does not implement "equality".