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This is a plea to the President of the United States to save lives, a plea to those of the Executive Branch in favor of Prison Reform to save lives, and it is an appeal to the General Public to weigh-in on (and participate in) the matter of saving lives. This Petition is purposed with facilitating the means by which the Department of Justice's ("DOJ's") Bureau of Prisons ("BOP") becomes compelled to send its Federal Prison Camp's Population, of NON-Violent Offenders, to Home-Confinement; this action - on the Executive's part - would give the prison facilities additional (and much needed) medical triage and logistic space for those who will become infected with the COVID-19 Virus, the spread of which is discussed as a mathematical certitude.

The Federal Prison Camps are without adequate medical staff and are without proper medical equipment, sterilization techniques, gloves, sanitizers, masks, and other necessary items. To complicate further: Hospitals are forecasted to be full, and transporting sick prisoners will be impractical {plus additionally risky}. Making the Camps into triage and logistical staging grounds helps to keep the BOP's Union Members at minimum risk of concentrated exposure from the higher security facilities. It appears the Unions will exercise their rights to withdraw their personnel {to every extent possible} to protect them from exposure, and the Union's members will not object.

Federal Prison Camps ("FPC") are likened to Nursing Homes; however, they are much less sanitary, and the living conditions are extremely close (i.e. at Seagoville, TX's FPC, a "satellite camp", an approximate 100 ft. x 90 ft. space

  • with eighty-two (82) bunk beds, two (2) communal bathrooms/showers, two (2) laundry rooms, and one "basic law library" 
  • with additional people on floor cots -

yields a population of 160 to 170 people, for a building built to house 80 people); Campers are within 3 ft. of each other nearly 24/7.

Without your intervention, scores of Non-Violent Offenders are at risk of death, and these people were not given a death sentence.  Through-out the BOP: The First Step Act ("FSA") is too slowly being implemented; such that, scores of eligible Home-Confinement Campers are at risk {to see an example of ignored FSA filings, review Document #160 WDOK's Case 5:14-cr-00177-HE}.  For your convenience:  The BOP recently finished PATTERN; such that, the Camps are populated with mathematically assessed "`Minimum' Risk-of-Recidivism" people.

Camps are unique in security, and a Camp's concept is counterintuitive to the general public: Campers are not held at the prison camps; Campers agree to stay at the prison, and {like me} many Campers Self-Surrendered. Unlike secure prison facilities: Camps have NO fences, NO locks, and many Campers are "Community Custody"; such that, all Campers are defined as 'NOT-a-Danger-to-Society' {even nursing homes have more security than Camps}. Because Campers leave the Camp {for Cadre' and Driving work assignments} Monday through Friday, Campers are at an even higher risk of exposure. With barrack style quarters, the spread of such a communicable/contagious virus is 100%. Not every person exposed will become sick, but - statistically - too many people will die; therefore, prevention of concentrated spread / exposure is needed, and we need your help to survive.

We Campers are responsible enough to be on Home-Confinement {after all (and this is a salient point): We Campers elect to stay AT Prison; therefore, we can reasonably be trusted to stay AT Home}. 18 U.S.C. § 3622 even permits furloughs for up to 30-Day installments, and the Cadre' workers have 6-Month Furloughs. These types of furloughs are Congressionally Codified Laws and are - therefore - available options to the Executive's administration. The FSA was the proverbial "First Step" toward compassion and fairness for Non-Violent Offenders; needless deaths can be avoided on your Administration's watch through this Proactive "Step", a "Step" which shall illustrate to all citizens just how fair and compassionate your Administration is. To save lives, please consider these existing tools to Furlough and/or Home-Confine Campers - which {in turn} permits safer environments for triage, care, logistics, and BOP Staff; it is a safer 'Win-Win', over a difficult situation.


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