Essential workers getting an extra $600 a week.

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People who are essential workers are not getting compensated like they should. The stimulus package that was just passed is giving people on unemployment an extra $600 a week. That puts them making more than a lot of front line healthcare workers.

All essential workers should be getting that extra $600 a week. They are the ones risking their life and their families life to serve the public during this time. The people on unemployment should be making their normal wage.

What is making healthcare workers want to work at this point? They could make more money staying home drawing unemployment all while keeping themselves and their families safe. Did you know some healthcare workers are getting paid less to do jobs that deal directly with covid patients? 

Let's make a change and get the essential workers the compensation they deserve!

They deserve the extra $600 a week.

It is a very scary time and those risking their life should be appreciated.