Demand Congress add an emergency short term UBI to COVID19 funding bill

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American Hospital Association published their "Best Guess Epidemiology" for Codiv19:

96,000,000 infections
4,800,000 hospitalizations
1,900,000 ICU admissions
480,000 deaths

We are on the verge of a global pandemic. 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford missing even a week of work. Paid sick leave, vacation time and FMLA for those lucky enough to have it will be quickly exhausted.

In 2008 Congress declared the banks were too big to fail.

Wait til you see what happens when millions of Americans default on their bills.

We ask the government to immediately fund an emergency Universal Basic Income for every adult and child in the United States, starting with a stimulus of $1,000 per American adult and $500 per American child immediately and a monthly stipend TBD going forward until the crisis has passed.

We ask that Congress review the recommendations of Jason Furman of the Wall Street Journal from which we pulled the $1,000/adult and $500/child figure from for further input into said emergency bill.