Ban Domestic Trade of Ivory in the United States of America

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Help stop the domestic trade of ivory in the United States of America. You may believe that this only affects elephants, but that would be so wrong. It also affects walruses, hippopotamuses, killer whales, narwhals, sperm whales, and wart hogs. By killing just one, you are throwing back their population by a couple of years. But it is not like we are just killing one.

There is research that says that approximately 96 elephants per day in Africa are being killed for their ivory. More elephants are being killed than are being born. We are not just stunting these populations, but also sometimes killing the newborns. The number of orphaned elephants has grown drastically. It is hard for orphaned elephants to live because they are fully dependent on their mothers' milk for the first two years of life. Because of this, most baby elephants can't live in the wild after their mothers are killed. Imagine that you were taken away against your will from your kid, knowing that they don't have the right resources to live. How would you feel?

Please help the elephants so that no elephant mother has to feel that way.

Thank you,
Keira (11 years old)