Don't use taxpayer money to pay for your wrongdoing

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Gov. Rick Scott was caught violating Florida public disclosure rules and now wants to use taxpayer money to pay for his malfeasance. Scott once said that he stood for fiscal and personal responsibility, but where is that sense of responsibility now that he has to pay $1.3 million to settle a lawsuit in order to avoid court? He has played fast and loose with the rules, using private emails to conduct public business, but now that he got caught he, he wants taxpayers to foot the bill.

Mr. Scott has decided to take the entire settlement amount out of the state budget, further punishing taxpayers and state employees after he has spent years cutting back on salaries, budgets and benefits. As the eighth richest politician in the entire United States, with a whopping $147 million dollar net worth, it is shameful and hypocritical that he has now abandoned his principles of fiscal and personal responsibility and is making Florida citizens pay for his mistake.

Join me in telling Gov. Rick Scott to do the honorable thing and take the $1.3 MILLION that he owes for violating state law out of his own pocket.

The latest settlement is his third legal defeat in recent months, and it’s the second time he has used public funds to clean up his mess. He has said he stands for responsibility, but why  does he think his constituents should be responsible for what are clearly his mistakes?

Let’s ask Gov. Scott to stand by his stated principles of fiscal and personal responsibility. Let’s demand that he use his personal funds to pay the settlement. Taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for his mistake.

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